«I’m not flexible enough!» – that’s one of many excuses we hear why yoga isn’t for you. The truth is: yoga is for everybody. You need yoga especially when you’re not flexible. One of the easiest ways to become flexible AND strong is: JUST DO YOGA. Flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga, it is one of the results when you practice yoga.

IM Yoga stands for « Inner Management ». You decide who you want to be: physically, mentally and emotionally. Just like there is a system of management in the outside world, there is a system on the inside as well, leading to an inner wellbeing. Thanks to technology, we have reached a remarkable amount of comfort in the outer world. It is time to reach the same in our inner world! Yoga and meditation are ancient systems that can help us attain good health, a positive mind, and the discovery of our true potentials. For the business world, especially, yoga and meditation are indispensable tools for creating healthy, happy, efficient and successful employers and employees.





True inner power arises through uniting the apparent opposites. In IM Yoga classes, we focus on this connection: rooting and lengthening, stability and flexibility, effort and relaxation, calm and awareness, concentration and playfulness. Breathing is of utmost importance, since breathing means « being alive ». Breath is power. Every breath is linked to a movement. Especially in a challenging posture, just as when we are challenged in life, it is crucial to deepen the breath instead of holding it, which often happens unconsciously. Focusing on the breath focuses the mind and creates inner stillness, which ultimately leads to inner peace.



Through proper breathing, intelligent movement and precise alignment you will create a fit body, feel an increase in energy and stay focused, calm and connected. You decide the shape of your body, mind and emotions – we help you to find the perfect tool to create your inner world the way you want it.